Brand Ambassador

Kezari is seeking a brand ambassador to join our team. This is a remote work position and you can be based anywhere. Active social media presence and interest in photography + modeling is a must.

Job Description

In this cross-functional role, we will send you a pair of Kezari pants in the size and color of your choice and you’ll be responsible for creating social media content featuring the pants, as well as promoting the brand and the message we carry. We care about quality content, so if you enjoy modeling and/or photography (you don’t only have to post photos of you in the pants, you can photograph your friends too if you like) this role is perfect for you. The more interesting & engaging photos and videos you create with the pants, the better conversions into customers.

In this way, you’ll be generating new customers through your content and be rewarded for your sales efforts. If people purchase pants through you, you’ll receive a commission on your sales. Additionally, you’ll talk and engage with potential customers as well as people interested in the brand and synthesize customer feedback and suggestions back to us.

Skills Required

  • Avid photographer and/or filmmaker and/or model (doesn’t need to be your full-time job).
  • Love aesthetics and curating your feed.
  • Knowledge about content creation, digital marketing + branding.
  • Love fashion and style and know how to pair clothing well.
  • Instagram presence (blogging & other social media platforms is a plus). You don’t have to have a huge Instagram following or be an A-list model!
  • Enjoy thoughtful design and empowering women through clothing merging style + utility.
  • Passionate about the environment and sustainability.
  • Ideal candidate is a college student involved with groups on campus. If you’re not, we like to see that you’re a leader/influencer engaging with your community.
  • Bonus points if you enjoy graphic design.

Please contact with your name, contact information and instagram handle (along with any other social media or blogging/video presence you have). Please include plans for your summer. Bonus points if you have examples of content you would create with Kezari.