Across Continents: Regine Anastacio [Kezari Girl Spotlight #1]

Regine Anastacio Wearing Kezari Pants in the Tropics Across Continents

Born in the Philippines, but raised in Thailand and Singapore, Regine Anastacio lived across the continent before heading to NYC for university. A communications & fashion studies student at Fordham, Regine has already been making waves with her content creation and strategy for sustainable fashion platform Relovv and through her personal channel. We jumped into her shoes for a day to understand this Filipino beauty’s travel, fashion & content hacks & stories across continents.

Beach or mountains?

I have always been a tropical gal, so I would definitely have to say the beach! There’s just something so calming about the sound of the ocean and the feeling of sand underneath your feet.

Favorite & least favorite travel destination?

My favourite travel destination would definitely have to be somewhere warm in beachy like Phuket or Bali. I don’t have “a least favourite” travel destination, every place I’ve gone to I’ve enjoyed a lot!

Aisle, middle or window seat?

I’m definitely a window seat kind of person, I need my views!

Do you travel for business, leisure or both?

Travel for leisure, leave the work at home!

Next, what do you usually wear while traveling and what do you like/dislike about it?

I usually like to wear very comfortable clothes, especially since I fly long haul a lot of the time. But of course, I still like to look stylish just in case! Which is why I love wearing Kezari pants so much because it brings style AND comfort together, I can dress it up or dress it down!

*Editor’s note: we didn’t ask her to say that 🤪*

Greatest travel hack?

My greatest travel hack is PACKING CUBES, it makes your packing organized and you can compress a lot of things into a small cube, saving you a lot of space in your suitcase.

Favorite travel snack?

Granola bars are definitely my favorite travel snack, they’re tiny but they carry a lot of energy.

And what 3 items do you always have in your luggage?

An extra phone charger, my pencil case and my glasses.

How do you choose your travel destination?

I choose it based off what I can afford that year and also what kind of food I’ll be eating there because the easiest way to immerse yourself in a country or destination’s culture is through their cuisine.

How do you plan your trips? Itinerary or spontaneity?

I’m a very organized person so I do like to plan my trips with an itinerary but of course, you need to expect a little spontaneity because plans don’t always go accordingly!

One thing you wish you could change about traveling?

I wish that security wasn’t always a hassle. The lines can get really long sometimes.

Funniest travel story?

The funniest travel story I have was when I was flying from London to Singapore. I like sleeping on moving vehicles so the second I sit in a plane or car, I’m knocked out. It didn’t help that I was feeling so jetlagged as well so the second I sit down on my seat, I passed out. I wake up and I thought we had already landed and I wake up and people are gone. But apparently there was something wrong with the plane and people had to go out and we were still in London. Big whoops on my part, I felt like I was asleep for hours.

How would you describe your fashion? What are your greatest fashion influences?

I would describe my fashion sense as stylish but comfy and functional. I don’t like dressing over the top but I also don’t like not looking my best. My greatest influences are definitely New York as a whole city, everyone there has their own sense of style, I love it so much. But if we’re talking people, I would definitely say Kendall Jenner and Zendaya for sure because they can go from runway to girl next door real quick!

Lastly – favorite thing about content creation?

My favorite thing about content creation is that there are no rules and it works as my outlet, I love being able to take people’s ideas and bringing them to life with my own little twist!

To keep up with Regine’s travel, fashion & content across continents, check her out on Instagram @regineanastacio

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