We believe function & form are not mutually exclusive.

KEZARI gives you the best of both worlds.

Our clothes are


We put you at the forefront of our design. Comfort is our top priority. Kezari apparel is comfortable, designed to be worn everywhere at anytime.


The 10% of your wardrobe you wear 90% of the time. We design minimalist clothing that goes with everything because we believe functional clothing should always be stylish.


As minimalists, we take the same approach to our eco-footprint. We minimize chemical and material use during our production process to bring you the highest quality products with minimal waste.

Our Design Philosophy


With Kezari design, there’s no sacrificing form or function. Our clothes are designed to flatter your silhouette, while also serving your every day needs. We provide thoughtful design for the global traveler.


We believe less is more – quality over quantity. That’s why you’re only choosing from the best apparel we have to offer. We want your shopping experience to be minimalist. No paralysis of choice. Just a streamlined shopping experience that saves you time and money.

Kezari Women's Tencel Travel Pants with Deep Pocket Fitting Large Phones

We are a team of engineers with an eye for design and a heart for travel. We’re taking a detail-oriented approach to clothing. We obsess over the little things, like the quality of material and size of pockets. We also take our experiences of traveling to 43 countries combined to make your travel experience better, through Kezari apparel.